Listful: attentive

Wistful: characterized by longing

I’m a twenty-something grad student living in the Southeast.  After a few years of living on my own, I recently moved back in with my gracious (and generous to let me!) parents to cut down on my cost of living.

Listful Wistful is all about my desire to live more consciously.

I like the idea of “life hacking,” but the term sounds a touch dangerous for my liking!  I find minimalism fascinating and incredibly appealing, but as of yet, more dream than reality.  My ecological footprint is a work in progress.  I enjoy thinking about personal finance, but I have yet to discover my ideal approach.

My hope–indeed, my plan–is to whittle my actions & consumption into habits that foster a simpler, more conscientious lifestyle.

I’m excited!

Feel free to contact me at ListfulWistful@gmail.com.


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