Once, on an out-of-town trip with friends, I tried out a Japanese steakhouse.  I enjoyed it, recommended it to my family, and when they visited that town, they made sure to visit the restaurant.  It was decidedly NOT their favorite, and they decided that my recommendations weren’t usually that helpful since I tend to be a bit indiscriminate.  I like most things and get something out of just about everything.  (Which is not a bad thing, but I will tread lightly because of it 🙂 )

So, rather than write that this is the best book ever, I’m going to make my claim a little simpler: I got something out of this that made it a worthwhile read for me.  And, given that it might do the same for you, I’ll pass along the basics for you!

The book?  It’s Not About the Money: Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance by Brent Kessel.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Nature of the Mind

  1. You Will Never Have Enough
  2. The Unconscious Wins Every Time

Part 2: The Eight Financial Archetypes

  1. The Guardian
  2. The Pleasure Seeker
  3. The Idealist
  4. The Saver
  5. The Star
  6. The Innocent
  7. The Caretaker
  8. The Empire Builder

Part 3: In the World and of It

  1. The Middle Way with Money
  2. The Conscious Investor
  3. The Yoga of Money
  4. You Have Arrived

Appendix: The Nuts and Bolts

This is the kind of book where you can skim it and still benefit from it.  The catchy part is the section on financial archetypes.  The archetypes represent different ways people interact with financial matters.  Ideally, argues Kessel, “the optimal human being would be balanced among all eight of these archetypes.”  He expects that most people fall into a couple of categories.

Here is the brief overview he offers for the types (from page 40):

  • THE GUARDIAN is always alert and careful.
  • THE PLEASURE SEEKER prioritizes pleasure and enjoyment in the hear and now.
  • THE IDEALIST places the greatest value on creativity, compassion, social justice, or spiritual growth.
  • THE SAVER seeks security and abundance by accumulating more financial assets.
  • THE STAR spends, invests, or gives money away to be recognized, feel hip or classy, and increase self-esteem.
  • THE INNOCENT avoids putting significant attention on money and believes or hopes that life will work out for the best.
  • THE CARETAKER gives and lends money to express compassion and generosity.
  • THE EMPIRE BUILDER thrives on power and innovation to create something of enduring value.
It was fun to read through and see what types I was.  I always enjoy personality inventories from psych classes and quizzes from magazines and such.  And this has more long-term benefit than knowing the answer to “what type of perfume best fits your personality” or “what type of dog would you be.”  🙂

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