Decluttering Challenge, Round 13: 216-237

216. Envelopes and change of address cards.  I had a stack of these I was waiting to record.  My grandmother got rid of a little address book, and so I’m filling things into it.  Now that many of my friends are married and have purchased houses, I don’t mind filling in an address book.  It was frustrating a few years ago with college addresses that changed yearly, maiden names often changing, etc.

217. A scented soap. I gave this to my mom to use in our downstairs bathroom.

218. A pair of pearls.  These looked cute on my mom, so I gave them to her.

219. Some used gift cards.  I had been hanging onto these to make sure they’d been used.

220.-221. Gift boxes. A beautiful Kate Spade gift box and another gift box from jewelry.  I kept the gifts from inside the boxes!

222. Pens.  I kept the keepers, passed these on.

223. An old prescription (filled) with remaining meds.

224. A copy of a thesis I borrowed.

225. Jeans.

226. Jeans.  

227. Notebook paper

228 & 229. Two tops.  Gave these to Mom.

230. Black strapless dress.  Mom borrowed this last year, and it looked cute.  I’m letting her keep it.

231.-234. History books.

235. A pink bra. 

Up until #235 I was playing catchup.  I got rid of those things a while ago, but I had not yet posted about them.  They were in draft purgatory for a very long time. 🙂 That means only things from #236 on get to count toward my September goal of getting rid of 30 things!

236. An old nametag. My church got new ones.  No one else needs a tag with my name on it!

237. Straps that came with a dress.  I would never add them.

237 down, 128 to go!  

For some reason I thought things would feel lighter around here with 237 things missing, given that I’ve already been decluttering for a few years now.  Maybe the next 128 will make more of an impact?  I don’t think I’ll ever really feel “finished” with the decluttering, but I wonder how many past 365 it will take for me to feel the benefit and impact of how many things I’ve passed on.

I’m eager to spend more time in the classroom this fall and see how my wardrobe does.  I will feel prepared to pare it down a bit more once I know what I actually wear and what still sits in my closet!



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