Change of Course…

I’ve decided to nix posting my spending diaries on ListfulWistful.  Sure, I didn’t start them all that long ago, but I was intending to keep them going. 

It’s not because I’m embarassed to admit that I spent $45 on dinner for my boyfriend and I on Saturday (though I did, and I am; it was Takosushi, though, and it was delicious, at least!) when I intended to have a miscellaneous spending budget of $50 for the second half of the month, and it’s not because I don’t consider it a valuable exercise.  Tracking spending and paying attention to no-spend days does a lot of good for helping me achieve my financial goals, and it fits with my general stance toward conscious consumption (even when I make mistakes I still like to be quite aware that I’m making them!). 

The thing is, though, that I already track my spending.  I’ve done it without fail for nearly a year.  And I like–no, relish–putting money in all my little savings accounts as soon as I get paid.  So while there are definitely plenty of areas of my spending that could use improvement, I don’t think blogging about my daily spending was helping me grow in the new areas where I want–well, crave–balance.  I’m sure finances will come into play on here (and I’ll always love the personal finance blogs I follow religiously!), but I’m going to try to focus my efforts toward simplifying, finding balance, consuming consciously, and becoming sufficiently (but not excessively!) proactive about fulfilling my responsibilities.

School began this week, but with two classes cancelled and a substitute professor for one, it didn’t feel like the rhythm of the new semester.  I expect things to be in full swing next week.  In the meantime, my boyfriend and I are going to visit good friends in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend.  I’m excited for the getaway! 

I have some goals for the month of September:

  • exercise at least 8x.  That’s only 2x/week, it should be more than doable; the goal is low because I’ve only exercised about that many times this entire year; pathetic!!; I think that as the heat subsides a touch I’ll be more inspired to be active…
  • get my car washed.  I have a coupon that my parents gave me for Easter; I need to use it!
  • get an oil change
  • list 5 items on Amazon. After a long dry spell, I had two books sell in the last week, which reminded me that it could be a nice way to keep decluttering and contribute toward my gum graft & student teaching funds!) 
  • call the consignment shop to see if the rest of my spring/summer goods sold and if there are any items that did not sell that I should pick up
  • take at least 3 items to consign for the fall. More would be great, but I took a good many last year, so I have fewer pieces to get rid of this go ’round.
  • get a haircut. 
  • get rid of at least 30 more things.  That’s one a day.  I’ve got this!

I’ll leave it at that for now–

I hope you enjoy your weekend!



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