August Spending Diary, Part III

August 17: No spend day!

[Side income earned: $70 from babysitting all day]

August 18: I was on track to have a no spend day until I read this post by Girl With the Red Balloon.  In the first paragraph, she writes: “Yes, I’ve totally considered buying something in the past but thought, ‘Eh, I’d have to post it on my spending report, so I better not….”  That struck a chord with me because I had been waiting to purchase something I needed (a cap to the air valve on my tires… how does one go about losing one of those??) until I had a day when I had to purchase something else.  By consolidating my spending, I could have more no spend days!  I started to write a comment about how I was waiting to make my purchase, but I couldn’t think of a single way to phrase it in which I didn’t sound like a doofus.  There didn’t seem to be many potential positive results from waiting, other than having more no spend days.  What if I got a flat tire and had to pay to have my car towed? Or what if it was slowly hurting my fuel efficiency and costing me money? Or how silly was I that I didn’t take care of it when I had the time, all because of my spending diary? The verdict was that I was very silly, so I went to Advance Auto Parts at 8:45 pm and spent $2.11 on a set of tire valve caps.

August 19: $1.93 at Dunkin Donuts.  I had a coupon for a free donut with the purchase of a medium beverage.  I am so spoiled by my dad making coffee in the mornings, that I didn’t realize there wasn’t any coffee today (he’s out of town) until I was packing my lunch and scooting out the door.  [Free, delicious coffee that’s ready when you wake up = Perk # 1,734 of being a boomerang! … I don’t actually mind making coffee, but I sure have loved having Dad make it!]

August 20: $0.54 at Liquid Highway.  My boyfriend is a farmer, and I helped out at the farmer’s market on Saturday.  I purchased a coffee, which is only $0.54 when you bring your own mug!  The early morning was much cooler than normal for this area, and the coffee hit the spot!  After the market, I treated my boyfriend to lunch at an Indian restaurant downtown for $24.99.  It was delicious!  In exchange for working the market I got my pick of the produce that was left… we made a great dinner on Sunday with the goods!

August 21: No spend day!

August 22: No spend day!

August 23: No spend day!

Three in a row was kind of fun!  It was nice not having to check for things to have cleared on my bank website, log things into my spending notebook, part with money, etc. 🙂  And three other days at $3.00 or less!  I don’t regret any of the purchases, either, though  I do wish I had done a little better with side income.  There’s next week for that, maybe!


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