Decluttering Challenge, Round 12: 204-215

Really, Round 12 was cleaning out my parents’ pantry.  My mom teaches school, and my dad, who is a minister, has been on sabbatical the last several weeks.  They’ve both enjoyed having the summer off, and they’ll be getting back into their routines in the next week or two.  They’ve expressed the desire to cook more at home (which is better for budgets and bellies, as well as general peace–no rushing around town in the evening), so I thought cleaning out the pantry would be a nice little nod to their intentions.  I enjoyed it, didn’t see it as a chore (like my mother probably would have), and did it pretty quickly.  But alas, those things weren’t “mine,” so I’m not considering them for the Challenge.

In my corner of the house, I found some more things to get rid of that do count:

204. A frame. This was given to me as a favor at a bridesmaid’s luncheon the other weekend.  I am keeping the picture, but I don’t need the frame.

205. A koozie.

206. A hanger.  This was a cute hanger where the wire was curled to spell my name.  These were given to bridesmaids for our bridesmaid dresses to hang on for a cute photo op.  They were made by a relative of the bride, and while they looked cute, they fell apart pretty quickly.  I’m worried that this one would pick my clothing, so I’m not going to use it.

207.-208. Two academic journals.  I skimmed these, and I don’t think I’ll actually read them.  There are other things higher on my list of things I’d like to read.

209. A make-up compact.  I’ve loved these colors… since 2006.  Totally expired.  Sigh…

210. A miniature bottle of hairspray.  My mom gave me this in my stocking, and I haven’t used it.  I gave it to her– she’ll use it.

211. Dr. Hauschka samples. My skin reacted to these, so I passed on them.

212. Remote control. To the television my parents accidentally got rid of…

213. A notebook.  

214. A Rawganique catalogue.  I like their things, and I like that they don’t print seasonal catalogues.  Truth is, I won’t be buying anything from them for a long time (years!), so I don’t need to hang onto it.

215. A candle.

215 down, 150 to go!


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