Decluttering, Round 11: 190-203

I just finished a five-day weekend that was everything I hoped it to be: I spent time with my boyfriend, caught up with several friends, handwashed things that were overdue to be cleaned, washed my sheets, and found things to get rid of!

190. A stack of tags from the items I have purchased for work this year.  I get everything at a discount, I’m required to wear the clothes for work, and I have received $600 in gift certificates from my boss to be used for the store (with my discount).  So, I’ve gotten several new pieces of clothing in 2011.  I’ve made a point to only get things I would have enjoyed wearing even without the job (even if I wouldn’t have purchased them) and things that I can wear after I have I stop working at the clothing store.  Some of the tags have extra thread and buttons, but most are just tags that I have no reason to save.  [In other news, the only non-work related clothing item (that isn’t a bridesmaid dress) I have purchased this year is a pair of flip flops on sale for $3 at Old Navy.  I haven’t even been denying myself, I just haven’t been interested in more clothing. That’s a fun realization for halfway through the year!]

191. A tiny, stuffed, pink, striped monkey.  This was kind of a joke in my Christmas stocking this year.  It’s pretty cute.  Now, it’s niece pup’s favorite new toy!

192. A broken poly folder.

193. A tote bag.

194. A plaque (gross word!) about daughters.

195. A pair of blue capris.  These are several years old.  They look a little awkwardly short on me, but they’re perfect for Littlest Sister, who is about four or five inches shorter than me.

196. A green notebook.  My boyfriend needed a notebook last weekend, so I gave him this one, which was the last third of a notebook I had used for a course last fall and another class this spring.

197. – 201. Expired medicines. Note to self: do not purchase a larger bottle of medicine because it has a better price per unit.  You won’t use 150 tablets of Aleve before the expiration date!

202. The case for a journal I own. I don’t use the case now that I use the journal. It did a nice job keeping the journal in good shape before I began using it, though. 

203. Four hairbands.  Littlest Sister was packing for a trip and needed a few hairbands.  I’m still working on a pack of 30 or so that I got a few years ago.

204. My television.  This one was an accident.  I don’t watch much television, and I probably won’t ever get cable, but I did love having this tv (with built-in DVD & VHS players) for watching movies.  My parents were storing it in their garage, and they accidentally got rid of it thinking it was theirs when they cleaned out last weekend.  The bummer is that the same reasons that make it seem like I shouldn’t own a television (no cable, infrequent watching) are the reasons I loved having this older one and are the reasons why I won’t replace it.  Oh, well!

204 down, 161 to go!


4 thoughts on “Decluttering, Round 11: 190-203

  1. Tabitha says:

    I still love striped monkeys and I’m 47!
    the crops are J Brand gigis – I love them

  2. Great job!! I’m only at about 87 for the year. But with kids there is a lot of coming in, rather than going out I’ve found! ooops.

    • Thanks, Sandy! I can believe that it’s a totally different ballgame with kids! And 87 is great… can you imagine how much it would feel like if someone delivered it to your house today and you had to squeeze it back in?

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