Decluttering Challenge, Round 10: 174-189

Not too long ago, my friend Ashely, who blogs at Little Red Writings, sent me a link to this article from Crazy Sexy Life.  I was in the midst of feeling overwhelmed and preoccupied about the “big picture” things, like finding health insurance, and I had put organizing and simplifying by the wayside; they could wait–no, must wait, I thought–until I could get it together enough to focus on the “little” things, like the state of my room.  The article, “4 Ways to Create a Holistic Home,” identified the basic tenets of holistic living, such as “conscious eating, preventive and alternative medicine, and simplicity.” The kicker for me, though, was this bit:

And now our home is coming to the forefront as another component of holistic living. More people are realizing that their home can be a source of healing – a place of essential change. Our home is second to our body as our physical dwelling on Earth…. The energy patterns within you – physically, mentally and emotionally – are also present within your home.

What a great reminder that physical surroundings are well worth my attention!

That said, I’m back at the Decluttering Challenge.

For starters, I pulled out my box of sentimental/historical keepsakes.  I’ve got one box, which is about 18 x 12 x 11 or so, that I keep odds and ends of memories or key items that represent the years I’ve lived in, such as a handful of National Geographics, my childhood babydoll, and a few important newspaper front pages.

174. A trophy. I got this as a senior in high school for playing on our church basketball team.  We lost every game except one, in which we beat the top-seeded team in the first game of the playoffs.  (In church leagues, all teams, even bad ones like ours, go the the playoffs. 🙂 )  I don’t need a trophy to remind me of how much fun we had.

175. A stack of photographs from September 11, 2001.  I printed these off the internet in high school, hoping to preserve the images of that day.  They’re not great quality, they’re thumbnail size, and I could easily get similar photos off the internet.

176. A plaque about sisters.  I love my sister, but I haven’t ever really used/displayed this stone plaque.

177. & 178. Two cassettes. I thought it might be interesting to keep these. I’ve decided it isn’t really that interesting, especially as one didn’t have any sentimental value and the other only mildly did.

179. A VHS of Pretty Woman. Same story as above.

180. Miscellaneous papers from my high school graduation. I saved the diploma, the program, and the speech I made.  I ditched the other little things.

181. A real pumice stone. A friend brought this back for me from South America.  It had been a while since I had had it on display, I had gotten fuzzy on the details of where it came from, etc.

Then, I moved onto returning things to others that I’ve had in my room for some reason (even if they’re multiples, I’m just counting them as one):

182. A golf shirt that belongs to my boyfriend.

183. Two pencils that belong to my mom for her crosswords.

184. A couple of washcloths that belong to the family, not to me.

185. A shirt someone mistakenly believed belonged to me. 

I found a few more things that were actually mine to part with:

186. A pair of white denim cropped pants. My sister gave me these last year to try; they don’t fit me very well.

187. A men’s white T-shirt. It has seen better days.

188. A copy of my Social Security card. I realized I have both copies, so I’m giving one to Dad to put in his safe deposit box.

189. A beloved 3/4 sleeved top.  It has a sailor look to it and two little gold buttons on each shoulder top.  It has about eight or nine little holes in it, but they hadn’t stopped me from wearing it.  Now that it is clearly too short from way too many washings (over years and years), it had to go. Sigh…

This has been an all-around productive day.  It started with Sunday School, then lunch to celebrate Father’s Day.  Since our return to the house, I’ve washed all of my dirty clothes (aside from hand wash things), shredded a number of papers, found many things to get rid of, watched the last few holes of the US Open, and napped.  I love days like this!


One thought on “Decluttering Challenge, Round 10: 174-189

  1. Ashely says:

    Love this! You’re so inspiring. Looking forward to LOTS of de-cluttering when we move!

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