Cards that I’m glad are carrying a balance…

I was helping my mom look for something in her closet tonight, and I peeked inside a few of her purses that she’s not currently carrying to see if I could find what we were hunting for.  I found some junk–receipts, a couple of tubes of old lipstick, a few earring backs–but I also found a few gift cards!  I called to check the balance on the six cards.  The verdict?

Barnes & Noble: $15

Zaxby’s: $0

VISA: $0

Whole Foods:$10

Macy’s Store Credit: $46.77

Office Max Store Credit: $5.77

We never found what we were originally looking for, but after finding $75+, we weren’t too disappointed.  The best part, for me, aside from the sheer satisfaction of finding they had positive balances, was that she let me keep the Office Max, Barnes & Noble, and Whole Foods cards.  (She reasoned that she wouldn’t have discovered the cards if I hadn’t; that’s not really true, as she would have when she switched purses, but I am thankful she’s sharing!  And what great places for me, they’re right up my alley!)


One thought on “Cards that I’m glad are carrying a balance…

  1. Lindy Mint says:

    I love the found forgotten-about gift card phenomenon! I once worked as an assistant to a very wealthy woman who had a 2″ thick stack of gift cards on her desk. This was a woman who had never been inside a Kohls before because it was that far below her. There was no way she was going to use a gift card to Target. I don’t even know how she got all of them. I was hopeful she would hand them over to her trusty assistant as a gift. No dice.

    Congrats on the find!

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