It has been a whopping five weeks since I last posted, and man, can I ever feel it!  I started the semester February 1, and as the momentum of the semester got rolling, things got tougher for me.  At first I felt too overwhelmed to be blogging, then it seemed like a catch-up post would take more effort than I could muster, and then I just decided to give it a while, thinking somehow that blogging was a part of the equation that could stand to go (temporarily), thinking it might be a burden.  I think I figured wrong on that point, as I had been feeling so much more productive, more accountable, and more connected to the conversations going on on the internet during the time I was blogging.  I’ve still been reading the posts of others–and loving what they’re saying!–but I have let other things get in the way of my own blogging, and I miss it!

Here is what I’m up to these days:

  • daily commute, which totals anywhere from 1hr 10m to 1hr 40m
  • five classes (four on campus and one online)
  • 15-25 hours of work per week
  • 30+ hours (since February 22) observing in a high school classroom (in random 2 to 5 hour chunks)
  • babysitting once or twice a week

My spring break is this week, and in many senses it is the perfect storm–well, perfect calm–for me.  For a lot of reasons that are not of general interest, I don’t have to go in to work until Thursday, I won’t be observing in the high school classroom because they’re on spring break, and I actually get a FIVE commute-free days in a row.  What to do with myself?!

Today, I babysat.  Tomorrow and Wednesday will probably be some mix of getting some school work done (to relieve pressure in the coming weeks), dropping things off for consignment, taking the dogs on a walk or two, and finding a few things to purge.  I love it!

I’ll spare you a dense recap of my last five weeks.  Here is the gist of it:

  • I hit my goal of $2000 in my ING savings accounts by the end of February
  • I set (and met) a goal of getting to $2500 in ING savings by the end of March (currently at $2552)
  • the inside of my car has been a mess (need to get back on track with that resolution)
  • I’ve been putting 50% of all side hustle toward health insurance and 10% of it toward retirement savings
  • For my paychecks, I’m putting $100 toward health, 10% to retirement, 10% to emergency, 10% to irregular
  • I have been reading a couple of books (personal finance ones & Free Food for Millionaires,per Lindy’s recommendation)
  • I’m still recording my expenditures
  • it isn’t that I’ve been bad about recording my exercise, it is that I haven’t been exercising…
  • my dining out is out of control
  • I’ve had so much fun ooohing and aahhhing over the pictures of my friends’ babies
  • I’ve gotten to go visit my boyfriend a few times on the organic farm where he’s working (love it there!)
  • I’ve realized I’m worse with cash than with my debit card (and I want to keep thinking on why that is and what I should do about it)
  • I’ve had a few bad moods that were purely products of my messy room, so that’s got to be taken care of
  • discovered that there’s a growler station near my house, and I love that!
  • I’m looking forward to a few upcoming weddings of friends (and associated festivities) starting at the end of April

That’ll do for now!  I’m excited to get back in a rhythm here!


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