Decluttering Challenge, Round 9: 156-173

I’m feeling like I should almost start this list of decluttered things with this post itself; it has been sitting in “Drafts” for almost a week, just waiting for me to get my act together and take some pictures.  No longer!  I’ve decided it better to just get them up here; hopefully tomorrow I’ll get all of these things out of my room, where they’ve been sitting patiently waiting for a photo shoot that isn’t going to happen.

156. A pair of underwear.

157. A staple remover. Mom said she’ll use this in her classroom.

158.-160. Three v-neck t-shirts. These shirts were a pretty good deal at $8 a piece last spring, but they don’t look very good on me.  The “v” is short, wide, and sort of rounded, and I probably look better in a crew neck or a more angular v-neck.  Mom is going to try these first; if they don’t work for her, I think Little Sister or Littlest Sister could probably wear them.

161.-164. Four boxes of miniature perfumes. The woman who has me babysit for her girls every week or so gave me these as a bonus a few weeks ago.  I don’t wear perfume, so I gave my mom and sisters a chance to take the ones they were interested in.  They did, and the remainder/majority of the perfumes will be donated.  I’m trying to decide where I should take them.

165. A deck of cards. My boyfriend’s father’s uncle had these cards from 1950.  My boyfriend’s family gave them to me when we were cleaning out their garage.  Yes, I think they’re pretty, but no, I don’t think I’ll actually do anything with them, so they’re getting donated.

166. A vintage tape measurer. Another find when we were cleaning out my boyfriend’s family’s garage.  I think it’s cool looking, but I have one tape measurer that’s more industrial/functional and another that is malleable and good for body measurements, etc.  I have no need for a third.

167. A box of BandAids. My boyfriend started his farm gig last week, and he’s already had several instances where these would have been helpful.  He had them on his list of supplies he needed, so I was glad to be able to help out!  (This was a big box, one Mom got at CostCo with over 100 Bandaids of all shapes and sizes.)

168.-170.  The remnants of two different cold/flu-related medicines and one package of Fisherman’s Friend cough drops. My boyfriend wasn’t feeling so hot–or rather, he was starting to feel a little warm, fever-wise–when he left town after his weekend visit, so I passed off the remainder of my meds to him.  (He hasn’t taken medicine in over a year, but he decided to at least take them with him in case he changed his mind halfway into a bout of the flu or something.) I was thankful to get to do this, because I feel like it’s a shame that you always have to buy medicines in bulk packages, not by the number of units you want.  It’s frustrating to pay for a whole bottle of Mucinex when you only want 4 pills, or when you find yourself with expired over-the-counter meds because you don’t use them on a regular basis. I wouldn’t have thrown them away, as it would have been especially painful to need them again and have to buy another bulk package, but they likely wouldn’t have been used, so better to pass them on!

171. A damaged cardboard box. When I moved in August, we were surprised by a rain shower, and the box was damaged along our trek.  It dried and appeared to be fine, but when I tugged it slightly yesterday, it fell apart. It’s getting repurposed to haul things for donation, but it is no longer good for long-term storage of things in my closet.  (Which, actually, is just fine because I moved its contents to my bookshelf to free up some closet space!)

172. A big stack of bank statements from 2003 to 2009. I’ve saved these forever, and I’m not quite sure why.  Most folks who recommend you keep them suggest you do so for either a) to verify/corroborate the expenses you claim on taxes b) to help with insuring & proving big purchases or c) some other reason.  None of these really applies to me.  I skimmed each statement, and all I saw was a lot of eating out, which is a whole ‘nother story.  Point is, nothing jumped out at me as a reason to keep them, so they’re in a bag of things to be shredded!

173.  A corkscrew. I can’t get this thing to work for the life of me…

173 down, 192 to go!






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