Decluttering Challenge, Round 8: 147-155

This Decluttering Challenge update has been in the queue for a while. I kept thinking I’d tack a few more pictures or a few more things onto it, but it just hasn’t happened. So, here it is, as is!

Speaking–typing?–of procrastination, I spent yesterday tackling a few things that have been hanging over my head for days, weeks, or years, even:

  • Days: I cleaned off my desk (a large pine table, no drawers) so that I could better dust the back area.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with an old friend a few days ago, and I was mindlessly running my finger along the things on my desk while we chatted.  Dust city!  It was bad; I could tell where my finger had been…  When people talk about how minimalism makes it easier to clean, I always kind of laugh and think “but I don’t have problems cleaning as it is!” Apparently I do. Last night I cleared the desk, dusted, and reassembled. I think the process helped me find a few more things that are declutter-worthy!  There’s a big pile on the floor next to my desk to be processed now.
  • Weeks: I had written most of my thank-you notes from Christmas, but I still had three left to write. I took care of those yesterday and today, and I’m hoping that an apologetic-and-slightly-humorous opening line will help the givers pardon me…
  • Years: I was in a car accident almost three years ago, and in my state, the statute of limitation expires after three years. So, with a week to ten days left, I got everything together last night to settle. I intended to wait until almost the end of the process, but I didn’t mean to wait quite this long… We’ll see how it goes! The idea is that I turned down their upfront offer ($300) in exchange for having them agree to reimburse me for whatever my accident-related costs were. I am not holding my breath on this one, but I think I’d be remiss to write it off before giving it a shot. (Could I have squeezed any more colloquialisms in that last sentence??)

147.-149. Three magazines; one was a free demo/sample, it got trashed; two were loaners from my boyfriend, they’re being returned to him.

150. A key that I used when housesitting this fall.  It is to be returned to the owners once we’re able to meet up.

151.  A key to my aunt’s house.  She has let me keep this one in case I ever needed access to her house when she wasn’t there; it has been on my keychain for five years, and I have yet to use it.  I’m going to give it back now!

152.  A keyring. Donate.

153. I’m not sure what to call this… you attach an ID (or whatever) to the clip, then it is on a retractable piece that attaches to your belt (or purse, or whatever).

154.  Box. The inside of this one was pretty nasty, not great for re-using.

155. [not pictured] The brown herringbone flats that I considered giving up here (but then I didn’t follow through).  I once wore them on a rainy day, and it has been downhill ever since they got wet.  :/  Chucked them today.

155 down, 210 to go!

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