How do you make computer organization sound fun?

I don’t think it’s possible. Not to me, anyway.  I don’t find computer organization and security to be a very riveting topic–or task. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been putting off both projects since I bought my computer in April? Given my pretty sizable disinterest, I’m kind of stoked about how much I got done on along these lines today. My remaining balance of work-free, school-free days is dwindling (my spring semester starts Tuesday), so I’m trying to be as productive as possible. Fortunately, I got to spend two and a half hours over tea with a dear friend this morning, so my day wasn’t spent entirely at the digital helm!

Here’s what I tackled, with the minutes each task took in parentheses:

  • cleared my browser’s history & top sites (1)
  • relocated all of my desktop icons to trash or folders (2)
  • deleted any downloaded files I no longer needed (5)
  • pared down the icons in my dock–see picture above! (1)
  • deleted unnecessary bookmarks (1)
  • organized remaining bookmarks into folders (2)
  • emptied trash (after making sure everything was actually trash!) (1)
  • added a password for access to my computer (at start-up and post-sleep) (1)
  • created new folders and assigned all items in “Documents” to folders (12)
  • installed Dropbox and invited several of my friends to do the same (5)

Thirty-one minutes, max! It was well worth the effort, as things already feel cleaner on here.  It was a necessary evil, I suppose.  Still, I don’t enjoy it, so other than a potential update on how I fare with the items below, I don’t anticipate computer-related stuff showing up too many more times on ListfulWistful.

Here are the remaining projects/tasks I have in mind:

  • install my new hard drive (My Passport for Mac, 320GB)
  • see which things on this list apply to me
  • make copies of important files and add them to my Dropbox
  • scan some of my papers either for digital back-up or to be able to toss the physical copy
  • a little email organization for my personal email account
  • take another look at these two articles on Unclutterer: one, two

Glad phase one is behind me!

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4 thoughts on “How do you make computer organization sound fun?

  1. SS4BC says:

    Ugh, I’m terrible at it too!

    I try to stay organized from the beginning, but it always fails. I have files in random places and nothing where it should be. Lame.

    What I really want to start doing is scanning my bills and such to PDF every month, unfortunately I have a two year backlog that keeps growing! I guess I should just take a weekend and DO IT.

    • It turns out my dread was much bigger than the project! Hopefully you’ll have the same discovery with the bill scanning… I also read somewhere something about calling truce on the parts that you’ve been putting off (the 2 year backlog) and just getting going with scanning from this point forward. That might be a good plan for you!

  2. Lindy Mint says:

    I can imagine how that feels better. I’m a desktop clutterer, I admit it. Being a visual person, if I put something into a file I’ll forget about it forever. I drive my husband crazy because he is a desktop minimalist.

    I’m scared to look into the files on our Mac. They’ve been transferred from computer to computer and I probably don’t need most of it anymore. Thankfully I never need to go in there since I keep all of my important stuff in Google docs. What I don’t see can’t hurt me, so I’m sticking with that philosophy for now. 🙂

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