Decluttering Challenge, Round 6: 106-131

Late last week I had another big purge surge (nice, huh?), which I referenced here.  I have a few posts/pictures to get postings caught up to where I am in the challenge.  I’ll post an update a day for the next few days.

In other news, I’m researching external hard drives, hoping to purchase one this week.  I don’t anticipate backing up music files, I have very few pictures, and I don’t have any videos.  I’m mainly looking for a reliable, easy-to-use hard drive that can store some documents I’d hate to lose.  Some have recommended Western Digital’s hard drives, but the online reviews suggest that a lot of people have had trouble with the ports on them.  I’ll gladly take any suggestions you have!

Also, I bought these pants for 40% off the other day, which I think will will be a nice addition to my wardrobe.  I’m trying to keep my “dressy” stuff (I use the term loosely, as anything non-denim counts as dressy these days) in the black color family so that I don’t feel the need to get shoes, tops, accessories, etc. to coordinate with two color palettes.  Going from life as a grad student, where I’ve often had the luxury of dressing casually, to that of a high school teacher, I’m going to need a few additions to my wardrobe.  I’m probably in good shape as far as tops go, but I could use a few pairs of pants and a skirt or two.

[In thinking through how I’d like to build/reshape my wardrobe, these posts and blogs (among many!) have been helpful: Miss Minimalist’s philosophy of a minimalist wardrobe has helped me, as have all the packing posts from The Everyday Minimalist, musings from Une femme d’un certain age, and Courtney Carver’s Project 333.]

Alright, on to the Decluttering Challenge update.  This list gets me up to 131 of the 365 items I am hoping to declutter from my home in 2011.

106.  [Not pictured] A pair of underwear

107. Green corduroy & brown patent leather flats.  These have too much “personality” for me (even though they’re not that out there).  I pretty much stick to the basics!  I picked these out to declutter a few days ago, before I had read this interesting post at Minting Nickels about shoes.  When I was thinking about which of my shoes I enjoyed the most, my basic (but slightly interesting) shoes were what came to mind; following on that line of reasoning, I’ll probably soon be tossing another pair or two that aren’t my “go to” shoes.

108. Shoe box. Laura from Move to Portugal and No More Spending commented on my box purge post that I could hold onto boxes to ship things I sell on eBay and such.  Smart!  The last few days I’ve tried to assess what items I think I’m most likely to ship, and I’ve realized that clothing & books are what I have the most of (I don’t have that many householdy items).  I think a kraft paper/duck tape combo or my shipping envelopes should do the trick for the things I have.  Given that Littlest Sister is on a mission to find shoeboxes, I’ve decided to let her have this one, too.

109. Purse from China. This was a sweet gift from a friend of mine in my previous graduate school program.  I think it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t really meet my needs.  The stitching on it is beautiful, and it is still in its packaging.  Someone will be quite pleased with this find at a thriftstore, I think!

110. Banana Republic sweater. This was a hand-me-up from Little Sister.  Red’s not my best color, and the size isn’t quite right.  Littlest Sister is going to give it a go.

111. Lilly Pulitzer tote bag. I’m thinking this will be an eBay listing soon? It is a touch faded, but it is clean and in good shape.

112. North Face capris. In 2006, I did a pilgrimage across Northern Spain. These were part of my gear for the trip.  They don’t fit any more!  They’ll likely be an eBay listing, too. I haven’t found any consignment stores that do “outfitter” wear.  Do those exist? Has anyone had luck selling such things? I’ve offered the pair to friends a few times, but I haven’t found any takers.

113. Lilly Pulitzer capris. My personal style is definitely gray turtlenecks + jeans.  It’s practically my uniform.  That said, I’ve worked five years (at least) in Lilly Pulitzer stores, so I’ve accumulated a good bit of the clothing.  I’m ready to pass on the things that I don’t wear or love in and of themselves.  These are too small, anyway.

114. Personnages. An old French textbook of mine.

115.  T-shirt. This shirt was part of a gift basket at my cousin’s wedding in 2009.  My boyfriend and I both wear a size Medium, and he’s been wanting this one for ages.  [I wish I had a better idea of things that I own that people enjoy/like/might want.  Not sure that there’s a good way to go about that.  “Hey, do you wish this was yours?” isn’t really a good conversation to have your things that you’re not ready to part with.  That said, I like being able to give things I own to people who I know want them/would want them.]

116.  Adultery and Divorce in Calvin’s Geneva. This was a school text; interesting enough, but I won’t read it again.

117. & 118.  Ribbons. My friend KB is quite crafty, and she says she has a use for them.  (That’s saying a lot, because she’s in the middle of a big declutter/purge, too!)

119.  Travel wallet. This is to be worn under clothes.  I used it for a couple of trips and then let my dad borrow it for five trips. I’m throwing it in the washing machine, then if it’s in good enough shape, I’ll donate it; if not, I’ll toss it.

120. – 129.  Hangers. Ten slim, chrome hangers.  I bought them thinking they were sleek and took up very little room; that’s true, but they’re also sort of like wire hangers that I convinced myself were worth spending money on.  I am definitely a bigger fan of slightly thicker hangers (for the sake of the clothes).

130.  Drawer pull. Not in use.  Donate.

131.  Winter-themed mug. I’m not really into this kind of thing.

You’ll notice that there is another pair of [grungy] shoes in this picture.  They were on their way out, but I’ve decided to hang on to them until the cooler weather is over.  I want to finish this season with them.  They’re brown/cream herringbone with a gold tassel, and they go a long way (maybe that’s an exaggeration) to spruce up jeans + white shirt or jeans + gray t’neck.  I’m bummed that they don’t have another season left in them!

131 down, 234 to go!


2 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge, Round 6: 106-131

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