Snow Week Productivity

Forget snow days, I had a snow week this week. Sunday night brought a pretty substantial snowfall, enough to make roads impassible for two days and a little tricky for the second half of the week. The result? A slow-moving world and a somewhat-faster-moving me.

My only complaint would be that I was not able to work the two days (fourteen hours) I was scheduled to work. Having a substantial block of time to work on home projects, though, allowed me to get knee-deep in things that otherwise would have taken me a bit longer.  It was nice to have a chance to build momentum for the year.

During the week I was able to:

  • identify 100+ items to declutter & post them (today I’ve had another burst of productivity on this front)
  • scan my receipts from 2010 (I’m almost done with this project)
  • organize my hope chest (I use this for all non-hanging, non-pajama/underwear/workout clothes)
  • reorganize my dresser (it moonlights as a bedside table; it holds the pajamas/underwear/workout clothes)
  • get my notebooks organized for the upcoming semester

After three days inside, I spent Thursday about town, tying up the ends to some of these projects.  For instance, I:

  • exchanged the wine stopper, #31, at Ross, and was able to get a penny and 4 pairs of socks for my mom (she had been needing them)
  • returned the pound of coffee, #43, to Starbucks; the guy put a credit of $10 on my gift card, and then he realized the coffee was nearing expiration (it was pretty new to me, so I didn’t think to check it); he ground the coffee and gave it back to me, and then he gave me the coffee I purchased on sale (free soy upgrade)
  • swung by the consignment shop to pick up a check for $75.06 for items I took in the fall (which won’t be counted for the challenge, as they were 2010’s decluttering)
  • took my friend K her items (#3, shaving cream, #76, cotton rounds, #77, Qtips, etc.)

Also, I randomly got a $20 check from the hospital (I’m assuming that insurance covered more than I expected from an MRI I had in August), and I received $34.30 from two books I sold on Amazon.  Interestingly, the hospital check + Amazon check + consignment check + Starbucks credit come to about the same amount that I would have made if I’d been able to work!  Of course, I had counted on those going above my regular income, but what great timing that it filled in the gap just perfectly!

The next semester starts on February 1 for me.  Until then, I hope to keep my productivity in high gear.  I think another big declutter push this week will put me in a pretty good spot for a while (as in, my room will be tidy enough to be livable, and I can just slowly collect declutter items and drop them in my milk crate as I find them, rather than posting almost daily about what’s getting the boot).

The new project I want to tackle is figuring out how to get my computer organized.  I need to develop a better filing system, revamp my passwords, look into backing-up my documents (online and external hard drive), etc.  Now that I have a scanner, I’m more interested in reducing the amount of paper I’ve got going on.  I’ll probably always want some sort of paper system, but it could definitely work on a much smaller scale.  Whether I reduce my paper usage or not, though, it’s not a bad idea to have important documents secured digitally.  There are several helpful pieces I’ve read over the last year on how to get my computer in order; a post by Laura at No More Spending reminded me that I need to get going on this project!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “Snow Week Productivity

  1. Lindy Mint says:

    Wow, being productive is a great way to spend a snow week. I’m sure it helped stave off some of the snow doldrums too.

    $75 is pretty good for consignment earnings. Did you sell a lot of stuff?

    • It was actually just four things, but they were my big ticket items. I think the kicker was that I sold a pair of leather boots. They were originally $260, though I bought them 75% off, so I paid $65. I think I got $35ish for them. There was also a cashmere turtleneck, which was originally $298, and I got it through a special program at work five years ago where I paid $65 for it (I got $25 at consignment). Then there was a pair of jeans and one other item that I can’t remember right now, but they were each $10ish. Then they subtracted $5 from the total as a seller’s fee. I don’t think future trips will bring as much. Most of my other clothes get worn a lot. These were items I’d been hanging onto because I thought I should (the boots were a good deal, a neutral colored cashmere sweater is a keeper, etc.). The truth is I didn’t enjoy wearing them, so they were hardly worn, which helped the consignment cause!

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