Decluttering Challenge, Round 5: 91-105

[Note: One week ago, I began participating in Mrs. Money’s Decluttering Challenge: 365 in 2011.  As of this post, I’m up to 105 items.  I posted about the benefits of this challenge earlier today, in my post “What I’m Getting Out of Structured Decluttering.” All interested are welcome to join!]

If you had counted the boxes in this post, you would have noticed I didn’t do a very good job counting. Decluttering Round 4 only got me to #90, not #91.

So, here we are at 91 again.

91.  North Face fleece vest. The waistband on this bothers me, and it tends to ride up a little.  I typically wear a medium, but for some reason the XL felt best in this one.  It’s just never been quite right.  It is in great condition, though, so I’m probably going to try to list it online.

92.  Notebook of lined tracing paper. Unbelievably, I’ve held onto this for probably 10+ years.  I always think “Oh, I could do something kind of cool or creative with this,” but I’ve yet to do something cool or creative with it.  Perhaps fifth grade teacher friend‘s students would enjoy playing with it?

93.  Box from Kraft envelopes. I use these envelopes for end of the year papers (tax returns, etc.).  I have taken the envelopes out of the box to store in a larger box with other paper products.  (I wish there were a word kind of like “decant” except for things other than wine and liquids that I could use to describe taking the envelopes out of their original box and moving them to a new container…)

94.-97. These four are Christmas ornaments, shaped like little dresses. I worked in a clothing store that sold these ornaments.  I have another set of ornaments from that store that I prefer, so I’m keeping them instead.

98.  The sandals I was embarrassed to post (which I confessed here). These actually don’t look quite as bad on, because my feet cover the yuck-looking part.  But, they’re falling apart, and I have other, similar ones that I can wear instead.

99.  Transparent tape. I have plenty of tape in my desk dispenser, I don’t really need this one.  My guess is that fifth-grade teacher friend will get this, too.

100.  A ribbon spool. Not the ribbon, just the spool.  By getting rid of the spool, though, I was able to fold up the ribbon and fit in in a quart-sized Ziploc filled with other ribbons (mostly recycled from gifts I’ve received or given).  I once had an entire under the bed storage container for wrapping supplies.  Now, I’m down to a small stack of tissue paper, a roll of Kraft paper, and a plastic bag jammed full of ribbons.  (I’ve gotten rid of duplicate scissors & tape in this 365 challenge; while at some point I might decide that it is better to have an extra set of these things, the wrapping center has been living approximately 3 feet from my desk, so it is a little pointless to have extras now).

101. & 102.  Lanyard things. These have what look like miniature carabiners on the end.  They attach to a camera case or iPod case, etc.

103.  A magnet from my first grade teacher’s assistant. I liked her, but I’m okay without the magnet.

104.  Another pair of the footie socks (like #58 here).

105.  A new box of GasX strips.

Alright, 105 down, 260 to go!


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