Decluttering Challenge, Round 4: 82-91

While it might appear that I found an idea (“get rid of a box!”) and am milking it for all it’s worth (“I can use boxes for lots of my 365 things!”), I am loving having these boxes outtahere.  The upside to boxes is that they can hold things neatly.  The downside, though, is that once you have so many modules of neatly held stuff, your space and arrangement options get a little limited.  I now feel like I’ll soon be able to move out of storage mode and into organized mode.

So, numbers 82-91 are these boxes.  Not much of note about them, except that I cut off any important information on the MacBook box (barcodes and such) to store with its user’s guide.  Also, some of the boxes will get added to our wrapping collection (we reuse boxes, especially sturdy ones).  A couple in disrepair will get chucked.  Littlest Sister will use a couple for her shoes.



4 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge, Round 4: 82-91

  1. Laura says:

    I keep boxes mainly as eBay packaging. So many times I’ve de-cluttered them only to wish I’d kept it a few weeks later. When I’m done with eBay, which should be this year I’m doing away with my collection 🙂

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  3. […] Shoe box. Laura from Move to Portugal and No More Spending commented on my box purge post that I could hold onto boxes to ship things I sell on eBay and such.  Smart!  The last few days […]

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