Decluttering Challenge, Round 3: 53-81

I am participating in a Decluttering Challenge sponsored by Mrs. Money of Ultimate Money Blog.  The goal is to declutter 365 items from your home or living space in 2011.  I posted my first 18 items here and my next 34 items here.  I wasn’t planning to tackle quite so much decluttering so early in the year, but I’ve been snowed in, and I’m learning that I don’t want any of these things snowed in with me!

Decluttering Challenge, Round 3

53. Well, this is a little awkward for floss, as it is his second time making it into a photograph, but only the first time he’s being acknowledged.  So, here he is again, only this time he counts.  I use Eco-Dent floss now, but I still had this one.  I wouldn’t have gotten rid of it, except that Littlest Sister mentioned she needed floss, so I’m offering it up.

Note: Typically, I would need to learn that something was significantly wrong with a product to dispose of it (e.g., major health hazard, and in that case I would dispose of it carefully).  In general, my policy is to use it up and just not buy it again.  In this case, I have been using this when I travel, since my Eco-Dent floss comes in a cardboard box, which I don’t want my toothbrush to make soggy.  [This is where my family typically steps in with, “Not of general interest, Meg.”]  The bottom line is that if Littlest Sister hadn’t had a hankering for some floss, it wouldn’t be a part of my 365; I’d be using it up.

54. This one also comes with a disclaimer/over-justification.  You see, #54 has also made an appearance in my previous Challenge photos.  You might have even assumed that I was planning on getting rid of it.  Yes, those spare athletic shoes of #5 did make it to my car’s trunk.  The athletic shoes box, however, did not.  It hopped right back into my closet to house a different pair of shoes that didn’t have a box.  I’m kicking it to the curb though, and this time, it’s getting its own number (to hold it accountable, of course).  Space is at a premium in my room, and it won’t be getting any of it.

55.  Pair of brown dress socks. I don’t wear dress socks, but I had been hanging on to these in case I needed them for any reason.  It hit me the other day (and then re-hit me today) that I don’t own any brown (or brown color family) dress pants, and I won’t be wearing these with jeans.  My guess is that my mom will want them (she gave them to me years ago; actually, these were also a stocking stuffer).

56.  Navy cropped pants. I like these, but they’re too snug.  I’m going to iron them (they’re clean) and see if I can consign them.  Also, I left a message with my consignment store the other day to see if any of my items from fall sold.  Fingers crossed!

57.  Pink tank top. This isn’t really suitable for wearing on its own (too short, too low), and I only really wear it to sleep in.  I tend to throw a shirt on over it anyway (either for warmth or for decency around the house), so I’m donating it.

58.  Footie socks. I got these on sale at TJMaxx years ago.  They now have holes, stains, and are pilled and just generally give me the heebie jeebies.  [Coincidentally, I had a rabbit once named EBGB, which stood for “Easter Bunny, Good Bunny,” and was said quickly to make it sound like heebie jeebie.  EBGB. Heebie Jeebie.  Can you hear it??  Oh, how I feel sorry for my younger siblings who had to put up with my antics…]

59. & 60. Sigh… I’m admitting defeat on these two.  I borrowed these books, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, from my friend six months ago, and I have only partially read one.  Part of me thinks if I’ve had them this long I should keep them until I finish them (and try to do it quickly).  But a bigger part of me sees how much I have to get done (and want to do!) in other areas and decides that I’m better off returning them so that she can loan them to others.  Note to self: don’t borrow an item unless you’re prepared to use it immediately.

61.-64.  Tiered skirt hangers.  Each of these holds four to eight skirts.  I have downsized my wardrobe considerably, and I don’t need these.  They’re good space savers, but I have few enough skirts right now to be okay with individual hangers.  These will probably go with me to girls’ night next week.

65.  Crayola Supertips markers.  My mom has asked to borrow these twice in the last month, and I have used them twice in the last three years.  I’m going to see if she wants them.  She teaches third grade and likely has a use for them.  If she doesn’t want them, I’ll offer them to my fifth-grade teacher friend who has been getting my other writing utensils.

66.  Khaki Mossimo heels. I have a similar pair that are more comfortable than these.

67. The box to my Neat Receipts I just got.  I guess my plan was to keep this, seeing as it was sitting on the top shelf in my closet.  I have decided to just save the folder it came with (that has the installation CD, instructions, etc.) and the accompanying case.  I don’t need to keep the box.

68.  Cowboy boot box. I don’t ever store my boots in the box because it is too hard to get in and out of.  It takes up a lot of horizontal real estate, then I stack other stuff on top of it, which leaves my boots sitting on the floor of my closet and taking up even more space.  So, I’m getting rid of the box.  I planned on getting rid of one box today, but adding in the others is surprisingly more cathartic that I would’ve guessed.  They certainly make a big difference in terms of space/volume they’re freeing up!  I also can’t really figure out why I’ve always felt more prepared or organized by keeping the box.  As I think about it now, I can’t remember what explanation I gave myself…

69. & 70. [Not pictured.] Bobbi Brown eyeshadow (in an eggplant-ish color) & an eyeliner brush (which works with the eyeshadow when dipped in water).  Littlest Sister got these.  Yes, that’s like four or five things that I’ve shipped across the hall to her now.  I’ve been careful to only give her things I think she’ll really use, and I know she won’t mind getting rid of them if she doesn’t use them.

71. [Not pictured.] A pen.  Dad gave me this years ago (8? 10?), and I used it a lot early on.  I have since figured out that it is too heavy for me to use comfortably.  I gave it back to him the other day.  He was delighted to get it back, especially because he just lost his favorite YMCA pen.  (He loves pens, especially if they’re free.  I think this one counts because he had practically forgotten he gave it to me.)

72. & 73. [Not pictured.] Two pair of underwear that had seen better days.  Trash.

74.  Glass jar. I have several of these, and no need for this one.  I am going to take it to Goodwill.

75.  A pair of hose. I don’t wear them.

76.  A box of Qtips. These came with me from my apartment.  We have so many at our house that we don’t really need these.  I’m giving them to my friend K. (If you need a reminder, my disclaimer from #53 still stands…)

77.  1/3 of a package of cotton rounds.  K has volunteered to take these, too.

78.  An issue of House Beautiful. My mom will probably read it first, then I’ll take it to friends.

79.  Pillbox. Dad‘s taking this one.

80. A mateless sock. The yellow striped one in the picture.

81.  Those Wonderful Books Mom gave me this a few years ago.  I read it–and enjoyed it–but I didn’t mess it up; it’s perfectly re-giftable.

81 down, 284 to go!


3 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge, Round 3: 53-81

  1. […] 104.  Another pair of the footie socks (like #58 here). […]

  2. Little Sister 1 says:

    What Neat Receipts did you get? Is there a post on this? I’m looking at the website and falling in love. Oh the possibilities…

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