Decluttering Challenge, Round 2: 19-52

Yesterday the snow kept me at home, so I took advantage of the time by working on some projects.  Building on Sunday’s momentum, I piled up another assortment of things to leave my home.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good camera solution yet, but I am pleased that I’ve gotten about 15% of the way through the challenge already!

Starting from the bottom left of the picture.

19.  A pair of Clarks Wallabee shoes. They’re comfortable, but I have other things that serve a similar purpose.  I don’t wear them. I think part of my hesitation in wearing them is that I wore them in college (along with a bajillion other folks), and I associate them with high school & college students these days.  I’m trying to look a little older (in part because I look young anyway and in part because I’ll soon–hopefully–be teaching high schoolers), so I’m going to let someone else give ’em a go.  

20.  Another bag of writing utensils; I’m counting this bag as a separate item from #14, but it’s along the same lines.  More markers and dry erase markers this time, though.  These will also go to my fifth grade teacher friend.

21.  Notepad. The white square of paper (approx. 5” x 5”) is from my mother.  From the side, the pad has a floral design, with the top surface of each page completely white.  I could use it, but I could just as easily use other paper I have; I’ll let someone else have this.

22. On top of the notepad is a quartz necklace pendant.  At least, I think it is quartz.  It could just as easily be crystal, plastic, or glass.  The point is that I have wondered for a few years, and regardless, I’ve only worn it once or twice.  It doesn’t add much to my wardrobe/jewelry collection.  I’d rather let someone else enjoy it.

23.  Student Life Application Bible. I got this years ago, and I have two other Bibles that I prefer (a NRSV and one that my brother gave me when we were young).

24. & 25. In the envelope labeled “Mom,” I have a couple of pearls (2) that are neither the same color nor the same shape.  They don’t go with any of my pearl pieces, so I’m giving them to my mother to see if she knows their story.  If not, I’ll figure out how they could be used (or rather, who could use them; I won’t be keeping them).

26. In the envelope labeled “Emeralds” is a pair of earrings (small emeralds) that were a gift years ago.  I no longer wear them.  I’d like to find someone to give these to—perhaps a little girl with a May birthday?  Or any birthday, for that matter.  I really only wear four or five different pairs of earrings on a regular basis anyway.

27.  Black jet earrings in an envelope labeled the same.  These are a little bit of a bummer.  I bought these in Spain in 2006 thinking that they would be the black equivalent of pearls, classic and wearable with a lot.  Wrong.  They look a little too “emo” on me.  I also thought they had a cool retro vibe.  Not on me, at least.  Oh, well.  I’m hoping to find someone they look nice on or who likes them (and can actually get some value out of them, rather than them sitting quietly in my jewelry box).

28.  Pat Conroy’s My Losing Season. I got this book for participating in a book discussion with incoming freshmen at my college.  I don’t see myself reading it again.

29. Sitting on top of My Losing Season is a package of hair bands.  There are ten of them, all white.  I saved the colors (like gray and brown) that I’m likely to wear (and I go through these so slowly anyway; I’ve been working on this package for years).

30. Harry Bright and Harlan Briscoe, So, Now You Know… : A Compendium of Completely Useless Information. The title says it all.  A good friend of mine gave me this in a care package when I moved away to grad school (my previous program).  I enjoyed reading it, but I don’t have much of a need for it now.  For the last few years, I’ve thought nice thoughts about my friend every time I’ve seen the title, but now I’m living in the same city as she is, so I’d rather just see her in person!

31. A wine stopper.  This was part of a gift basket.  The giver also gave me a handmade necklace with a vintage button on it and a tote that I’m going to use in my car.  I’ll keep those two larger parts of the gift, but I don’t really have a need for this piece, so I’ll pass it on.

32.  Poly-folders (2). My sister gave me these; I have a few others that have been in rotation for a while that have held up just fine.  I’ll see if my fifth grade teacher friend can use them.

33. Sitting atop the poly-folders is a bottle of peppermint oil. Technically this is my mom’s, but I’ve had it for a while now.  I’m going to give it back to her.  If not for this challenge, I would have considered hanging onto it (she wouldn’t mind), so I’m willing to count it amongst the things I’m decluttering. 🙂

34.  Adams Home Budget Book.  I used this for a while, but I have since developed a system of tracking my expenses that works better for me.  I wish I knew someone who wanted it (my offers on facebook have been to no avail)!  If you want it, let me know; I’ll gladly drop it in the mail for you.  I used three months worth and tore them out, so there are eight or nine months left in the book (I think just eight; tearing out one of the pages I had written on meant tearing out what would have been the start to the following month).  Check it out here to see if you’re interested.

35.  Alhambra board game extension pack.  A good friend of mine loaned me this extension pack (I own the corresponding board game).  I’m going to return it to him, and it will be a good excuse to catch up with him.

36.  Lilly Pulitzer bag.  I like this little bag, but it reeks of vitamins.  I used it for a while to store medicine in my car, and you can sure tell!  I’m not sure that storing meds in the heat was such a good idea in the first place…  The interior of the bag is also torn, but the outside is in good shape.

37.  Box of tall kitchen bags. I had these in my old apartment.  I had offered them to my parents, but they prefer heftier bags, so these have just been sitting in our kitchen.  I’m going to give them to my friend K.

38. The Barnes & Noble bag is a bag of receipts with identifying information on them (my full name, address, etc.).  I’ve been scanning my credit card receipts from 2010.  It will be much nicer than filing them away.  Because I had so many receipts, it has taken me forever to scan them (I’m still working on it!) which a) warrants their inclusion on this list and b) is pretty good motivation for me to not purchase as much this year!  I’m going to see if I can resurrect my family’s paper shredder.  If I can’t get it ours up and running, I’ll take these when I go visit my boyfriend and shred them at his place.

39. [Not pictured.]  Along the same lines, there is a whole trashcan full of receipts that don’t have my name or address on them.  I’m counting them because of the sheer number of hours it took for me to process them.  I will definitely be going through 2011’s receipts as I get them, not all at once at the end of the year.

40. Above the bag of receipts is my prom dress. I wore this one my senior year of high school.  I worked in a prom dress store and loved this dress.  I have donated other dresses from high school (two earlier proms and a pageant), but I couldn’t put my fingers on this one.  Now that I have it, I’ll donate it, too.

41. I’m also going to pass on the plastic hanging clothes bag that is currently housing the prom dress.

42. To the right of the prom dress is a textbook that my friend/co-worker loaned me.  We’re in the same teaching program, and she generously offered to let me borrow this book last semester.  I’m now finished with it, so I can pass it back.

43. To the right of the textbook is a pound of Starbucks coffee.  I have a friend who works for Starbucks who gave me an extra bag she had.  The trouble is, since my parents are devout Dunkin Donuts coffee brewers (and I when I wake up, I drink the coffee they have already made—definitely a perk to moving back home!), this one isn’t likely to make it into the rotation.

44. To the right of the coffee is a miniature Mason jar. This was my favor at a bridal shower I went to last weekend.  The hosts filled it with M&M’s in the colors of the upcoming wedding (purple & green).  They were delicious (Littlest Sister was craving chocolate yesterday, and I had just the answer!), and now I’m going to pass on the little jar, cute as it is.

45. A wide-toothed comb.  I don’t use it.

46. A pair of J Crew High Heel Flared jeans.  I have another pair of these, and when my Little Sister lost weight she gave me her pair.  I don’t need two.

47. Above the jeans is a pair of white sweatpants.  My grandmother gave me these a few years back.  After a break-up a few years ago, I wore these when I went began going on daily two mile walks around my neighborhood, and we (the pants & I) became good friends.  I still love them, but they have developed several small holes along the seams.  The fabric has worn a little too thin to make it worth patching the holes.

48. A hairbrush. The last time I had my haircut the person cutting it suggested I not use a brush this style; my hair is too fine/fragile for its tough bristles.  Conveniently, Littlest Sister has thick hair that can handle it (and she wants the brush).

49. Somehow I overlooked the used checkbook below the little green bag.  I am going to double-check to see that all the checks have cleared, and then I’ll shred or save the duplicates as necessary.

50. Sitting on top of the checkbook is a little BareEscentuals eyeshadow. I don’t wear this color, really, but Littlest Sister has borrowed it before and enjoyed it.

51. & 52. [Not pictured.] Earlier this week I sold a copy of Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling by Palmer & Simons.  I also sold a copy of The Myth of the Modern Presidency by David Nichols. I did list these before I signed up for the challenge, but they have sold (and I have decluttered them from my home) in 2011, so I’m counting them.

52 down, 313 to go!


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