Decluttering Challenge, Round 1: 1-18

Pardon the poor image quality!  I’ll experiment (and maybe try to borrow my sister’s snazzy camera) for future Challenge updates.  I’m counting the items as they are numbered on the far left.  For instance, even though there are two tan placemats, I’m counting them as one unit for the Challenge.

Here’s my first round of things I’m ready to part with (I’ve bolded where they’re going, if I know):

1.  Tan  placemats (2);  I don’t even have a dining room table right now, and I have no particular attachment to these. Goodwill.

2.  Acrylic drinking glass (1); I gave my brother the other three for his college apartment, and I couldn’t find this one when I did.  Now, his set is complete!

3.  Skintimate shaving cream, new/unused; my mother put this in my Christmas stocking this year (we have always done toiletries in stockings; I don’t know if that is standard practice, but I love it!), but I use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Baby Mild Liquid for shaving.  When I saw that my friend K uses Skintimate shaving cream, I offered to pass it on to her, and she’s glad to take it.

4.  Vintage porcelain salt & pepper shaker set (2), or “sel” and “poivre” shakers, to be precise; a friend of my grandmother’s brought her these back from France a couple decades ago, and they are missing the cork pieces necessary at the bottom.  I think they’re cute, but I don’t need them.  It’s a bummer the picture doesn’t show them better!

5.  Pair of athletic shoes; I wore these for years (probably 5?), and then when I replaced them last year, I thought I would save them in case I ever needed a pair that I didn’t mind getting messed up.  No opportunity has come up where I haven’t minded using my new ones, so I’m passing these on.  Goodwill.

6.  Saturday, by Ian McEwan; I read this for a foreign study trip in college.  It got great reviews from other folks, but it hasn’t stuck with me in a way that makes it worth keeping.  I’ll let someone else give it a shot.

7.  Wine charm set, (4); my boyfriend’s parents know I like wine (and gave me these for Christmas), but they didn’t know I don’t own traditional wine glasses.  I drink wine out of these instead.  You can hardly see the charm set in the picture; they’re the silver sparkle to the left of Saturday.

8.  Hobo Iris wallet; I have decided to keep only two wallets (one brown, one black) that meet all my needs.  [Note: I’m keeping one brown wallet and one black one because they are different shapes/styles, not because I match their colors to my outfits or purses.]

9.  Coach wristlet in brown and black leather;  I bought this probably six or seven years ago.  I’ve held onto it thinking it was so practical (tiny, black and brown, can be used as a wallet or standalone purse), but the truth is, I don’t use it, so it isn’t useful for me.  Littlest Sister‘s getting this… but only after a smooth move on my part!  I asked her to show me the purses and wallets she had, because I wanted to make sure she didn’t have anything that served the same purpose.  She didn’t, so I offered her this wristlet, and she loved it!  The best part? While showing me her bags she found two bags she was willing to donate, even before I offered her this one. I don’t suppose that counts toward my 365?

10 & 11.  Mucinex D (1) and Mucinex DM (1);  I gave these to my dad to use for the congestion he’s been fighting.  I don’t use medicine that frequently, and so if I buy any, it usually expires before I have a chance to use it up.  I was glad to have a use for these that had just been hiding out in my medicine “cabinet” (a little plastic shoebox).

12. J Crew trouser jeans; I like the concept of these (a dark, uniform wash, wide-leg trouser), but they’re juuust enough too small to keep me from ever wearing them.  These worked for Littlest Sister.  They’re a touch long for her, but probably not enough to be a deal breaker.

13.  From the Ashes of Ruin, by Miriam Rawl. My friend (and former next-door neighbor) loaned me this book, written by her grandmother.  I’m mailing it back to her this week!

14.  Bag of writing instruments (14); I don’t even know where these things (pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.) come from, but they’re everywhere.  Conveniently, I have a friend who is a fifth-grade teacher who thinks these things disappear just as quickly!  This bag is going to her.

15.  Straw hat from Ann Taylor Loft; my Little Sister (who is 23, not to be confused with the Littlest Sister, who is 15 and still lives here at home) bought this and passed it on to me.  I liked the concept, but it is too small for my head!  I sort of resent the “One Size” tag it’s sporting, so it’s off to find a new head to top.  This was a surprise to me, because I would have definitely guessed my head to be smaller than average before I’d guess it to be larger than average.  Oh well.  I don’t have a complex about it now, but I also don’t have a straw hat… [Note: I’m not that into hats, but I like the idea of having sun protection that isn’t sunscreen.  I might revisit the hat idea down the road. Perhaps one with a wider brim?]

16.  Pair of scissors; I have no clue where these came from, but I have two other pairs, so these can go.  I’m guessing my fifth-grade teacher friend will want these, too.

17.  Reversible placemats (5); I accidentally ruined one from my set of six, then I shrunk a couple of these, so they’re no longer anywhere near placemat-sized.  The fabric on the reverse side is cute, so maybe a crafty person can will take the time to refashion them somehow.  Goodwill.

18.  Surge protector; I just don’t use this.

I’m taking these things out to my car as soon as I post this.  I’ll put them in the trunk now, and then I’ll deliver things to their new homes this week.  I’m also going to take the above items that don’t have specified recipients to show to my friends when we get together this week.  If nothing is of interest to them, I’ll just take stuff to donate at appropriate places.  (While I often take things to Goodwill, it isn’t my default setting.  Shelters, non-profits, and plenty of other community organizations have needs that my things might meet.)

18 down, 347 to go!


3 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge, Round 1: 1-18

  1. LindyMint says:

    I have the back up pair of shoes for messy situations too. I also have not ever needed mine. You may have inspired me to go home and toss them into the Goodwill pile.

    • Thanks! When I was little I always had a pair for that purpose, and it was probably a good thing then. I did more messy things, and I had to wear my “good” ones for a wider variety of situations, so it mattered a little more that they look nice/presentable/clean-ish. Now I’m fine without them; you just might be, too!

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